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Kisses Cake Pops

A cake pop is the perfect summer treat. When the sun comes out you want something light, fun and most of all, yummy. In the last few years people have gone mad for cake pops, they just love the little bites of joy. The great thing about them is the size and ability to share them with lots of your friends. Sometimes a big piece of cake can be too much, especially on a lovely sunny day, whereas a ca... »

5 Ways to Make Sweets More Awesome

We love our sweeties, in case you hadn’t noticed that already. With our shelves filled, from floor to ceiling with jars of colourful candy, we start getting a bit creative with it all. We’ve got some little tips for you to make these sweets even more awesome, now you might say that sweet’s are already awesome, but wait until you see these ideas. It’s all sunshine and rainbows Combining a few diffe... »