5 Ways to Make Sweets More Awesome

We love our sweeties, in case you hadn’t noticed that already. With our shelves filled, from floor to ceiling with jars of colourful candy, we start getting a bit creative with it all. We’ve got some little tips for you to make these sweets even more awesome, now you might say that sweet’s are already awesome, but wait until you see these ideas.

It’s all sunshine and rainbows

Combining a few different coloured Twizzlers, bend them slightly to give a nice curved line and pop them in a clear bag. This is your rainbow, but’s what’s a rainbow without a few clouds in the sky? Use some marshmallows for the clouds and place these around your rainbow inside the bag. This is now a perfect, sweet, little gift for anyone to brighten up a rainy day.


For all those summer graduation ceremonies coming up, why not do something special for that special someone’s special day. Create a mini graduation cap in minutes just using delicious candy. Take a Reese’s Cup and top with a simple square piece of chocolate using a little blob of melted chocolate. Then add some simple laces for tassel and that’s it! Add to the top of a cake for a yummy celebratory gift.

The Oreo Mountain

If you love Oreos, you will want to stock up to make this fantastic creation. It’s a big cake, made entirely out of Oreos. All you need is a whole load of Oreos and a little melted chocolate to stick them together. Start with the bottom layer, use the melted chocolate to stick each later to the plate or board you’re using. Work your way out from the centre, making a circle that gets bigger and bigger. Then you start working your way up, adding a smaller layer each time.

Wonderful Windows

If you love making cookies, just adding some simple hard boiled sweets can turn a normal cookie into a work of art. First cut out the shape you want your cookie to be, next cut out a smaller shape in the middle of the cookie. Then crush up your hard boiled sweets and completely fill the whole with these bits. Pop these in the oven for as long as your cookie dough would normally need and you’ll be amazed at the little stain glass windows you have created inside the cookie.

The Hidden Treasure

Doesn’t everyone love a secret, yummy surprise? Try making these little treasure chests for a friend, it’s sure to make their day and all you need is cookie dough and M&Ms. You’ll need to make 3 cookies first. Cut out 3 circles in your cookie dough. Keep 2 as whole circles but in the third cookie, cut a smaller round hole. Cook these until they’re golden brown. Now it’s time to create the surprise. Stack the cookie ring on top of the whole circle and glue down with some icing or melted chocolate. You now have a little box you can fill with M&Ms and top with the last cookie for the lid.


So, now do you see what we mean? There are so many wonderful things to make from sweets and the best thing is, they taste great too. Try creating any of these treats for a friend and show that you can make sweets even more awesome.


If you have some more ideas, tell us on our Facebook page or even better, show us your photos.