Bugs are the Future

Did you ever think what bugs taste like? 

At Bold Street Sweets we have a little surprise up our sleeve. You probably could have guessed that we sell scrumptious chocolates, chewy toffees and multi-coloured jelly beans but did you know we sell creepy crawlies too. Don’t worry though they are wrapped up with sugary candy and completely safe to eat.

According to the NASA, bugs and insects could be the food of the future. Now they’re not talking about huge gruesome worms here, but replacing the usual meat ingredient in burgers and sausages with all sorts of tiny critters.

Did you know that in Japan wasps are a delicacy, and in Thailand and parts of Africa edible flies and crickets line the streets in food markets. Even in Europe, the Dutch government is pushing to get bugs in the mainstream diet.

So what do people think of this? Well at the Liverpool Food and Drink festival in the summer of 2013, bugs were on the menu. There were meal worm burgers and a cricket Caesar salad on offer, made by world class chefs. When offered to the public they went down a storm and caused a communal feeling of shock and delight.

Here at Bold Street Sweets we like to be bold and daring, so, on our shelves are boxes containing, Salt and Vinegar Crickets, BBQ Meal Worms and Cherry Ants. These crispy critters could surprise you as a delicious and unusual snack.

For the hardened sweet lover we have some fruity and vibrant lolly pops with a sneaky surprise inside. Entirely edible, these sweet treats feature scorpions and meal worms encased in a sugar free lolly available in flavours from blueberry to watermelon. Give friends a quirky gift of Mealworm Lollipops or Scorpion Lollipops, for those who love all things out of the ordinary.

You can buy all of these treats at our online sweet shop or pop into our Liverpool store on Bold Street to experience all the weird and wonderful delights on offer.

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