American & Retro Sweet Mix


American & retro sweet hamper filled with loads of retro and American sweets. The perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Comes in red gift box.

3x Drumstick lollipop
3x Refreshers small
3x Love Hearts Mini Roll
5x Fizzers
5x Parma Violets
2x Vimto mini chew bar
1x Sherbet Bottle
1x Fizz Wizz Strawberry
1x Fizz Wizz Cola
1x Vidal Fizzle Stick
3x Dipper
1x Double Dip
1x Winegums
1x Fizzy Winegums
1x Frosties
1x Rainbow drops
5x Anglo Bubbly Bubblegum
5x Black Jack
5x Fruit Salad
1x Drumstick Chew Bar
1x Refreshers Original Bar
1x Refresher Strawberry Bar
2x Double Lollies
2x Fizzy Fruit Lollies
2x Tango Shock Rocks
1x Haribo Tangfastics Mini bag
1x Haribo Starmix Mini bag
2x Marshmallow Cable
2x Tango Popping Candy
1x Juicy Lips 10p
1x Loveheart Lipstick
2x Wonka mini Nerds
1x Candy Floss

Contents and weights may vary slightly depending on availability at time of purchase.
Not suitable for children under 5 years of age.

Very occasionally we may not have a product in stock, if this is the case then we will replace it with a similar product of the same or higher value

Hamper weight: approx.

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