Sweet Treats to beat those January blues

Here at Bold Street Sweets we understand that January is a difficult month, with the fun of Christmas a distant memory and most of us desperately waiting for payday to come around it can feel like a real struggle.

On top of that, we bet you’re still valiantly trying to stick to your  New Year’s resolutions, with no alcohol for dry January and dare we say it, nothing too sugary in a bid to get healthy or slim down.

While we applaud your detoxes and healthy eating, all veg and no treats is going to make you a dull soul. So what to do?

Fear not sweet lovers. Bold Street Sweets has good news. Sugar-free, guilt-free treats do exist and our website is packed with them, so you don’t even need to break any of your New Year resolutions.

It might sound like being allowed to drive a Ferrari, but only at 30mph, but our sugar-free range offers healthier alternatives to favourite traditional sweets, such as Eclairs, chocolate limes and jelly cherries, without compromising on flavour.

If you love pear drops, but are on a low-sugar diet, you’ll love our pear drop cubez, which are sure to brighten up this gloomy Monday.  If pear isn’t to your taste, the range also includes watermelon flavour, aniseed and bubble gum flavour, so there really is something for everyone.

You can buy sweets online or, if you can’t wait for them to be delivered, why not pop into our store on Bold Street in Liverpool?

We bet January isn’t looking quite so bad now, is it? Tweet us @BoldStreetSweet and let us know what guilt-free candy you’ll be treating yourself to!