A taste from across the pond

Start getting excited for summer now with some exotic sweets, well perhaps not exotic, but unusual and very yummy. Here at Bold Street Sweets we have a whole range of American candy. America is almost exotic!

Here in the UK we feel very at home with American culture. With all the hit American shows we watch on TV, we’ve started to become accustomed to so many things from ‘across the pond.’ Things like Hershey’s chocolate is something we’ve heard of but most have never tried it, until now. At Bold Street Sweets we sell all things American, including Hershey’s chocolate bars and Hershey’s kisses. Try these or give them to a friend as an unusual, scrummy treat.

If sweeties are more your thing, we certainly have lots of them. Some you may have heard of before, things like Red Vines, Twizzlers, and Sour Patch Kids, being big popular treats in the USA. Other sweets, you won’t know so well but are just as scrumptious. Try a Charlestown Chew for the first time or a tasty packet of Cherryheads.  For the ultimate USA candy experience try one of our Sweet Hampers. These come in various sizes and are filled with a fantastic mix of American candy and retro sweets.

Some of the sweets in our American collection may seem rather homely. Names like Snickers, M&Ms, Skittles and Jelly Belly, are popular names in sweet shops across Britain. However, the versions on our shelves have a bit of a difference. Pick out a packet of Skittles with a twist, including Darkside, Riddles and Wildberry, and discover what flavours are inside. Your mind will be blown by how many new flavours of M&Ms we have. If you thought the peanut ones were specials wait until you try M&M Pretzel, M&M Almond, M&M Coconut or M&M Dark Chocolate Mint. There is even an M&M chocolate bar, if you still have room. A staple in British chocolate is the Snickers bar, but the Yanks have mixed it up a bit, with Peanut butter Snickers, Almond Snickers and 3 Chocolate Snickers.

Once you’ve had your fill of American chocolate and American candy, wash it all down with a refreshing American drink. If you love Dr Pepper, you’ll fall in love all over again with the flavours we have on offer, from lime to cherry, diet and original. Re-discover an old friend in Coke Vanilla, taken away from British shelves for too long, but now it’s back! As well as the familiar brands, we also stock a wide range of different sodas, try fruity flavours, or more unusual one and of course, the famous orange soda, something for all those 90’s kids, to bring back some great memories of Nickelodeon.

Visit our online store today or take a trip to our sweet wonderland in Liverpool City Centre, both are filled to the brim with American candy, retro sweets and so much more. You’ll find something for everyone, from an unusual gift for the friend who has everything or a little sweet treat just for you. America is just a lick, a chew, or a chomp away.